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Shipping of the batteries by air

Nowadays batteries are being considered as dangerous goods. Therefore most of the companies restrict those items. The shipping companies also tend to change those rules every week, to make the situation even worse - especially in China.

If you want to be sure we can ship your goods, please contact us prior the delivery of your package to our warehouse. To be honest - we can ship batteries always, but sometimes you will not like the terms or price.

So we suggest you to ask in advance.

What we need to know - what you intend to ship, what kind of batteries, quantity, capacity, to which country and if you can provide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet, issued by batteries manufacturer).


Here is the quick overview of the situation


CHINA (Shenzhen)

We can ship easily devices which contain Lithium polymer batteries to most of the countries without any surcharge (or with less than $10/package) using express services like DHL, etc.

We can ship even stand alone batteries, but this is subject to individual offer.

No post service accept stand-alone batteries and only Sweden post takes built-in batteries (and only to some countries*, mostly in EU).


Hong Kong

The limit is two devices with batteries (like a cell phone) per package, and the only available method is DHL.


The Czech Republic and Germany

You can use DHL Germany for any ground transport (means within EU), no problem with batteries. Also, the EMS Czech Republic will accept any kind and qty of batteries to any country.


Please remember

  • do not try to cheat on the statement, or you might lose your shipping cost or even the whole package, almost all packages are scanned and the companies very likely find the batteries
  • there are no limitations for NiMh, NiCd batteries, only Li-Po, Li-Ion
  • rules might change anytime without prior notification
  • we will always do our best to find a proper solution for you, till now we were able always to ship the batteries



*Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Britain's England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.