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Assisted purchase

Assisted purchase in China and Europe

Are you looking for a personal shopper in China? Our professional team will be happy to handle everything for you. Here is how it works.


  1. Open an account, order "Assisted purchase" service and let us know, what you would like to buy
  2. We will check with the seller and generate a final bill for you (include domestic shipping). You pay to us, we pay to the seller.
  3. We will check the quality of the goods once delivered and add a package to your Tiptrans box
  4. The last step is carrier selection and mail-out.




1. Open Tiptrans account

Open account here. It's free (start with Standard).


2. Go to "Assisted purchase"

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3. Select "E-shop order"

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Note - you will need Top Up your account by $5 to order this service (TOP UP link is on the top right corner). We will refund you this fee (- $1 as a processing fee) in case we will not be able to finish the transaction.


4. Add first product to the shopping cart - include details


5. add next item (repeat as you like)


6. when you ready, click "Close list"


7. We will check with the seller and generate final bill for you

Our shoppers will check with the seller if items are available, for what price (sometimes we even get a discount), what is the shipping cost. Once we will be satisfied with the result we will generate the bill for you. You can confirm the price and pay and we will buy all the items for you.


8. Delivery to your Tiptrans box

All items will be delivered to your Tiptrans box and we will check them for any defects or malfunctions.


9. Mail out to your address

Select shipping company (shipping prices) and order mail out.


Frequently asked

What if I change my mind, or items are not available, will you refund my payment?
Yes, we will make a full refund minus $1 which we keep as a processing fee.

How can I pay?
You can use any payment method available in our system (PayPal and Credit Cards, Bitcoins, Bank wire to EU or HK)

How can I be sure you will buy the right product?
We will always contact you to make everything clear in case of any doubts. It's essential to us buy what do you really want.

Can you return goods to the seller?
Yes, we can return items and get a refund for you (time period depends on shop policy)

From which countries you can buy?
We cover the whole world. Most often we do shop in China, but also in Germany, UK, eBay, Amazon etc. Our personal shoppers are experienced and will be happy to get the product for you.