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Tracking number not working / not valid / no updates

There is a meager chance you've received the wrong tracking number. Please consider this.


1. Package marked as "Shipped", but no tracking number available

Your package already left our warehouse, but we are still waiting for tracking number. It usually takes 1 - 2  days. Our system will send you an email as soon as tracking is available. Tracking number will also be visible in your package detail. There is no need to contact us about this matter - if you see information "Tracking will be available later" it means we do not have it, so please be patient, we will update for you ASAP. Also, be noted even you don't have a tracking number your package is still moving, so it doesn't affect physical transport.



2. Most of the POSTAL services update tracking data very slow

If you ever experienced DHL (and similar) tracking system, you might feel disappointed by what you're getting from postal services. But it's pretty normal, their lack of information accuracy and is being updated pretty slow. So even it's few days since you've got your tracking and you still can't see any update - it's NORMAL. And often you will find tracking finish with "package cross-border to the final country" and here it ends. But again - it's normal.


3. There is no visible movement during first days

It's common and here is why. Your package was in China (Shenzhen), and you've ordered DHL Hong Kong / FedEx Hong Kong / Singapore post or similar. As you can see from the name, those companies are located in different countries than China. So Tiptrans firstly need to transfer your package to origin point and then ship. See the example below for shipment China -> your country.

Now you understand the tracking will work much faster if you select any China company. However, you still might prefer other companies (usually because of better price) - then you have to be patient. It might take up to a week to see progress.

The example above is the same how we work in the CZ/DE. Our warehouses are close to each other, so we offer carriers from both countries. You can use Deutsche Post DHL from the CZ warehouse and Czech Post from the Germany warehouse. We will transfer your package between those two countries automatically, but it might create a one day delay.


4. UK specific

Some carriers cooperate in the UK. If you choose Landmark as a carrier, they will order HERMES to pick up your package and deliver it to the LANDMARK warehouse ("first-mile service"). Thus you won't see any update using the Landmark tracking no. for the first few days. It is pretty normal, and there is no need to worry about it.


5. Pick Up Time / Cut Off

Please understand each carrier have a cut-off time for the pickup service. So even if you order Rush service, we will create labels and prepare the package to be shipped it might happen it will not be picked up the very same day, just because it's too late.


6. Claims

Please understand Tiptrans is not a shipping company (we use independent carriers to send your packages) so our options are very limited in case you don't see any progress. All we can do is

a] check if the tracking number is OK (and we will do it if tracking is not working for longer than seven days, not before as there is no reason)

b] report not-delivered / lost package (and we will do it for you in case package is not delivered for more than one month, not earlier)


We understand you care about your package whereabouts - so we do! But please understand, we can't possibly search for a package which is still within a delivery time limit. Don't worry and please be patient.


7. DHL Special line from China

DHL has a service called "Special line," and this can't be tracked via their common website. Please use this http://webtrack.dhlglobalmail.com/